Recent Trends in Environmental Studies
Recent Trends in Environmental Studies
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Author(s):Dr. Rupali Govind Tayade and Kanchan Ramsingh Damade
Publication Year:2021
Publisher:Weser Books
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The book “Recent trends in Environmental studies” draws a knowledge and methods from many fields of the sciences and social sciences, including biology, chemistry, literature, medicine, physics, sociology, Environmental sciences etc. This book also adopts an interdisciplinary approach by drawing an attention on a variety of disciplines. This book is helpful to acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding and gain skills for enrichment of environment. The book is intended to give environmental action at every level of society. It is helpful to set out the changes in society needed to meet the global environmental quality. A special effort has been made to facilitate learners and enhance an understanding of environmental studies: Chapter Objectives are presented at the beginning of the book that summarize the anticipated learning outcomes. Images, Figures, and Tables are abundant throughout, many of them being original analyses of publically available data, and all with an explanatory caption that is further developed within the text. References are listed, at the end of the chapters to helps and guide readers to further reading. A comprehensive Index makes looking up topics easy