Basics of Polymer Science
Basics of Polymer Science
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Author(s):Dr. Shad Husain, Dr. Aga Mansoor and Dr. S Jamal Haider Zaidi
Publication Year:2020
Publisher:Weser Books
Seller:Weser Books

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Polymer science was born in the great industrial laboratories of the world of the need to make and understand new kinds of plastics, rubber, adhesives, fibers, and coatings. Only much later did polymer science come to academic life.

Content of this book are:

  • The Concept of a Polymer
  • Addition Polymerisation
  • Redox Polymerization
  • Chain Branching
  • Polymer Structure and Properties
  • Technology of Polymerisation
  • The Principal Monomers and Their Polymer
  • Mechanism of Addition Polymerisation
  • Condensation Polymers (Step-Growth Polymers)
  • Thermodynamics of Polymerization
  • Kinetics of Step-Growth Polymerization
  • Kinetics of Chain Polymerization
  • Kinetics of Catalytic Polymerization