Pedicled Omentum Hepatorrhaphy
Pedicled Omentum Hepatorrhaphy
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Author(s):Dr. Bhavinder K Arora
Publication Year:2022
Publisher:Weser Books
Seller:Weser Books

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Severe liver injuries need surgical procedures to stop bleeding. This book describes the various surgical options for the management of liver injuries. I have described the details of the pedicled omentum in hepatic trauma. How omentum helps in stopping bleeding from liver and tissue regeneration has been described in detail. I have been practicing this technique for many years. Having achieved good results, I am sharing details of my experiences in it. I have always worked in civilian services and motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of liver injury. On exploratory laparotomy for blunt trauma, the omentum is available for filing in the traumatic liver cavity. As compared to mesh wrap of the traumatic liver, the omentum is readily available. The polyglactin mesh is costly and not easily available. The omentum wrap gives equivalent results as compared to mesh wrap.