Compendium of Seed Science & Technology (Volume-1)
Compendium of Seed Science & Technology (Volume-1)
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Chief Editor:Dr. Shivangi Negi, Dr. Mohammad Amir, Abhishek Pati Tiwari and Gaurav Yadav
Publication Year:2022
Publisher:Weser Books
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We are delighted to publish our book entitled "Compendium of Seed Science & Technology (Volume- I)". This book is the compilation of esteemed research chapters of acknowledged experts in the fields of seed science and agricultural science.
Seed is the basic, vital and most important input in agriculture, vis-a-vis crop production, though it covers a negligible proportion of cultivation cost. Assured and sustainable higher yield of at least 10-15% is possible by using quality (Certified) seeds with the same cultural practices of cultivation. "Good seed does not cost, it pays", therefore, is no longer a myth, but a well-known, well established and well accepted fact. To maintain quality standards of the seeds, Seed Act has been enacted at National and at International levels.
The Seed Science and Technology is gradually and slowly but steadily becoming an important and vital area of teaching, research, training and extension wing in Agricultural Science.
The publication of this book could not have been possible without the contributors, they are all specialist in their respective research fields. Therefore, we have tried to honour their respective ideas in the original shape. The comprehensive contents of this book have been planned with a definite purpose that the researchers, teachers, students, extension workers and farmers find them highly thought provoking and useful.
The editors pay their sincere thanks to almighty God for his grace without which this book would not have come into existence. We wish to thank and appreciate all the contributors who contribute in this book and made it an outstanding effort which is expected to play some role in enhancing the Compendium of Seed Science & Technology (Volume- I) through the world. This book contains 28 chapters in fields of seed science and technology. The main aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive and critical review of the work done in different fields of seed and agriculture science. We hope this publication will provide a valuable source of information and will lead to make further advancement in different fields of Seed Science & Technology.