Radon Levels in Bangalore Metropolitan
Radon Levels in Bangalore Metropolitan
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Author(s):Dr. Sathish LA
Publication Year:2023
Publisher:Weser Books
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The external γ-dose rates have been more or less well-mapped in India. A good database on the countrywide concentration levels of 238U, 232Th, and 40K in geological materials was also recorded. So, there exists a good knowledge of the total external radiation levels across the country. Since it is estimated that nearly 50 % of the total radiation dose to the population is contributed by the inhalation dose due to radon and its progeny (UNSCEAR, 2000), there is a need to supplement the external exposure data with the inhalation component. Although some information about radon is available, there is a need to delineate the contribution of thoron and its progeny to the inhalation dose. This scientifically spirited concern has been voiced in many for a consisting of several research institutions and universities on many occasions. A resolution to this concern finally emerged in the present research work and that turned into this textbook consists of our research output. Conceptually this book is structured into four chapters namely Introduction, Instrumentation, Methods of Measurements, Results, and Discussions. The book eloquent the introduction to radioactivity, sources of 222Rn and 220Rn. Definitions, specifications, and block diagrams of the instruments. The results consist of 222Rn, 220Rn and their progeny levels in different locations, different seasons, different floorings, different walls, different rooms, and different volumes of the dwellings of Bangalore Metropolitan, India, and the distribution of 220Rn and its progeny levels in a dwelling.