Geospatial Technology Based Inventory of Ponds
Geospatial Technology Based Inventory of Ponds
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Author(s):Dr. Bindu KB, Mohammed Ameer KK, Arya MA, Drishyamol PS and Najiya Thasni KP
Publication Year:2022
Publisher:Weser Books
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Water resource is one of the most precious resources on earth as it holds life; circulate water in different forms and moves from one region to another. Irrespective of size, shape, volume and structure all water resources in any region is supposed to be optimally utilize, managed and conserved for future purpose. Irrespective of what type of region it is and what is the possibility of water availability, all water resources in a region should be scientifically managed. The present book was written under the light of this same thought. Payyannur municipality is a medium sized urban area. There are several ponds which were identified and later added on in the inventory of ponds in a study conducted by students from the Department of Geography, Kannur Univesity. This book is documentation of inventory of urban ponds in Payyannur municipality in a spatial database system with their hydrological, environmental and rejuvenation status assessment. It can be used as a good reference for water resource conservation and management using Geospatial Technology.