Vision for a Sustainable Future
Vision for a Sustainable Future
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Editor(s):Dr. Minara Yeasmin and Dr. Shazia Hasnain
Author(s):Dr. Minara Yeasmin and Shazia Hasnain
Publication Year:2023
Publisher:Weser Books
Seller:Weser Books

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"Sustainable development" is defined by the United Nations as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Sustainable development aspires to allow everyone to realize their dreams for a better, healthier life. Development involves a progressive transformation of the economy and society. The Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The 17 SDGs are integrated—they recognize that action in one area will affect outcomes in others and that development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.
The book “Vision for a Sustainable Future” covers 23 chapters and encompasses a broad range of topics that pertain to the sustainability of our society and the ways in which education can aid to deal with the issues. The focus is on vital issues in our society, such as water, sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition of young children. There is also an emphasis on the ways that can be used to protect the Sundarbans and the mangroves. The empowerment of women for a sustainable future has been analyzed. Interestingly, the role of Artificial Intelligence for a sustainable future has been discussed in the book, and the role of ICT in our society has also been emphasized. The book also highlights the importance of Education for Sustainable development. The book has overall addressed a wide range of themes that will help readers understand how sustainability can be achieved in all facets of our society.