Green Library: A Burning Concept of the Present Era
Green Library: A Burning Concept of the Present Era
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Author(s):Dipanwita Ray
Publication Year:2023
Publisher:Weser Books
Seller:Weser Books

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The book ,'Green Library : Burning Concept of the Present Era', represents the concept of 'Green Library' from various perspectives. It discusses the different aspects of 'Environmental Sustainability'. It shows how a library can be considered as a 'social organisation' and thus has a vital role to play in the conservation of nature. The development of libraries in the different eras has been highlighted to show that the early writing materials conformed to the concept of 'green library'. The book also throws light on the matter that the development of 'Information Society' has led to the environmental degradation and the way to tackle this problem in the libraries is the green design of libraries. The role of libraries in education and research has been stressed to show that the libraries have social obligations and thus have a role in tackling the problem of environmental degradation. The result of which is the concept of 'Green Library'. The concept of 'Green Library' has been dealt with in detail. The book gives information on the topics like, ' Necessity of Green Library', 'Green Library Management' and 'Green Building Standards'. The readers will be able to know about the renowned Green Libraries of the world from the Chapter, ' Green Library Initiatives'. An elaborate information has been given on the matters of 'Green Library Literature', 'Green Courses' and 'Greening the Associations'. The book ends with the discussion on measures for greening the libraries.