Experimental Zoology
Experimental Zoology
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Author(s):Dr. Avinash R. Nichat
Publication Year:2023
Publisher:Weser Books
Seller:Weser Books

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The “Experimental Zoology” book is mainly intended for UG and PG students studying biology. The book covers a broad range of subjects on the basic as well as the practical aspects of hematology, biochemical, food adulterations, and biological work; it is likely that it will be also useful for any student attending different theoretical or practical courses. The book focuses on using and understanding experiments in zoology. We urgently need an experimental book that is easy for beginners to understand in hematology, biochemistry, urology, water analysis, milk, and adulteration. Students who are interested in learning about living and non-living their biochemical composition, activities, and their significant roles in ecosystems. The book has five chapters that focus on the composition of blood, carbohydrates, protein, amino acids, urine, water, and milk using experiments. The author tries to simplify the biochemical theories and their implementations. In the preparation of this book, the author has consulted a large number of books. Suggestions for the improvement of this book are not only welcome but will be greatly appreciated. The book material prepares on pre-existing knowledge obtained at UG and PG courses. It assumes a solid background and experience in biological experiments and the successful completion of the course entitled “Experimental Zoology’’. This is a combined form of theoretical principles and experiments. The author wishes the students and all readers an enjoyable experience in entering the field of biochemical, hematological, and biological experiments. Author