Molecular Pharmaceutics (As Per PCI Syllabus, M. Pharm, Semester II)
Molecular Pharmaceutics (As Per PCI Syllabus, M. Pharm, Semester II)
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Editor(s):Dr. Anuradha Ghanshyam More, Dr. Padmaja Santosh Kore and Dr. Hemantkumar Arvind Ranpise
Publication Year:2023
Publisher:Weser Books
Seller:Weser Books

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This book explains the many ways to develop novel drug delivery systems, as well as the criteria for selecting drugs and polymers for nanotechnology and targeted drug delivery systems. The areas of medication targeting, tumor targeting, and brain-specific delivery are also covered, along with related events, concepts, and biological processes. Specifically, novel drug delivery systems like liposomes, nanoparticles, microcapsules or microspheres, monoclonal antibodies, niosomes, aquasomes, phytosomes, and electrosomes are described along with their types, formulation techniques, applications, and evaluation. Pharmaceutics, Industrial Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical Technology students may find this book helpful in advancing their careers as formulation R&D scientists, technicians, or other professionals in the pharmaceutical industry..