Clothing Behaviour Among Adolescents Boys and Girls
Clothing Behaviour Among Adolescents Boys and Girls
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Author(s):Dr. Neeta A. Tiwade
Publication Year:2024
Publisher:Weser Books
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The importance of clothing is accepted from the richest to the poor, from big cities to remote areas in all age groups. But clothing interest is highest in boys and girls because they are developing emotionally, mentally and socially, therefore they are likely to think of social approval in terms of clothing and appearance. They know the value of clothing in making a good impression. They are always influenced by current changing standards of dress and personal preparation, hence this leads to highest interest in clothes, which make them anxious about physical appearance.
Majority of people who choose clothes have a strong desire to maintain their individuality. They realize that such behavior may be costly gaining acceptance of others but their desire to maintain unique identity is stronger than conformity. There are different psychological factors which motivate the boys and girls to dress in different ways. These differences are related to their general values, self-concept is expressed in other areas. Since clothing behavior is influenced by psychological variables, this research has been undertaken to show the effect of age, values, and self-concept on clothing interest.
I hope that those who are interested in understanding clothing behavior and its practical ideas will help to make further investigation in this field in future.