Sustainable Farming Practices for Future
Sustainable Farming Practices for Future
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Author(s):Dr. Pragya
Publication Year:2024
Publisher:Weser Books
Seller:Weser Books

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Here's a brief 100-word description of the book "Sustainable Farming Practices for the Future": This comprehensive guide explores cutting-edge agricultural methods designed to promote environmental stewardship and long-term food security. The book delves into organic farming, emphasizing natural pest control and soil health. It examines conservation agriculture's focus on minimal soil disturbance and crop rotation. The chapter on biodynamic agriculture discusses holistic farming approaches that consider cosmic rhythms. Permaculture principles for creating self-sustaining ecosystems are explained in detail. Finally, the book explores regenerative agriculture's emphasis on enhancing biodiversity and rebuilding soil organic matter. Each chapter provides practical insights and implementation strategies, offering farmers and agricultural enthusiasts a roadmap for adopting sustainable practices that balance productivity with ecological responsibility.